These apartment layouts were based on the original architectural drawings for Penn South. Please remember, these layouts are approximations and some changes may have been made in construction.
Step 1: Select Your Building
If you would like to print a layout of any apartment in Penn South, there are three easy steps to follow. First, click on the building you want to see (below).
Building   Address
1         350 West 24th Street
2A       351 West 24th Street
2B       341 West 24th Street
3A       321 West 24th Street
3B       311 West 24th Street
4       315 8th Avenue
5       365 West 25th Street
6A       290 9th Avenue
6B       280 9th Avenue
7A       330 West 28th Street
7B       340 West 28th Street
8A       345 8th Avenue
8B       355 8th Avenue
9       305 West 28th Street
10       365 West 28th Street